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Samstag, Februar 10, 2007

Eyecandy for ya!

So well, I am just writing this entry in english for my non-german speaking friends.

I was tired of always writing pure c at work, so I just created a little distraction in programming c++ :)

What happened is the following. Because lacking a real project to do in c++ I clicked around on my Desktop and fell into a directory that contained KDE sourcecode tarballs. So I thought I could look at the code and try to find my way through it and it happened that I changed into a folder and the current execution feedback method of KDE got into my view. Here I knew what my next project is: Remove that ugly zooming dashed rectangle that appears if you doubleclick an icon and replace it by something more beautiful.

Ubericon that i knew from my Windows-time came into my mind. It modifies all icons in Windows to give execution feedback like on MacOS X. It zooms the icons and fades them out at the same time. Just nice, not distracting, but you know you doubleclicked.

So after some hackery and reading the qt reference manual I dove into the KDE source (it is very well structured, and it's easy to find the right spots to do something. Exactly contrary to Xorg that I have to hack at work :) ) and tweaked something here and there and voila: View the submission of the resulting patches

Please download and patch your KDE and return feedback in the comments.

Here a screenshot of what it's doing:

PS: It's in the KDEmod repository of Archlinux already, so if you use Archlinux just remove the stock KDE and install KDEmod

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