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Dienstag, April 24, 2007

Quick and dirty hack for Archlinux 64Bit

I recently had a problem with proprietary software that was not running in my 64Bit install of Archlinux because it was compiled for 32Bit. (Namely Adobe Reader. Fuck DRM btw!) So I implemented a quick hack to get it running, perhaps I will post it as patch to the ArchLinux bugtracker one day.

It works the following. Just prepend "lnx32" before your normal call to the 32Bit application. You should have the right 32 Bit libs installed (lib32-* in arch repositories) and you must have the "linux32" tool. Then download this tar file and unpack it into "/opt/lib32" included are some GTK and PANGO config files to allow the libs to find their modules. "lnx32" itself is in "/opt/lib32/bin" and is a simple shellscript that sets some environment variables.

Now I can print this dang DRM infected file... What the fuck?!?

Whatever, have fun stranger!

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